QRI Lifestyle Members are Happy Members!

The vast majority of our members have held continuous membership for 10 years or more.  

Read some member testimonials and comments below.



"Hi Rakesh

I just wanted to let you know that you have amazing staff. Thanks to Kylie for her efforts to get me a gift card on the weekend, when she couldn’t on friday afternoon. The dedication and professionalism of your staff is what makes the QRI such a great organisation. Thanks"

- Alex and Catherine Howie, QRI member since 2003 

"I have been a member of QRI since I commenced with Queensland Rail 29 years ago. I have found QRI to be one of the most valued memberships I have ever had. The range of benefits from retail discounts, cheap holiday accommodation, family events such as the Christmas days and social events which without QRI would not occur are without a doubt more value than the minor cost of being a member.

 As a Regional member in Townsville I find that QRI has ample local content including not just local discounts but local competitions such as the V8’s and NRL Cowboys tickets which I have won on 3 occasions and it excites me and my partner when these are won as the seats are first class at the game.

I find the QRI staff extremely easy to talk to and will do anything they can to make my membership enjoyable and worthwhile. I have and would recommend any Queensland Rail employee to take advantage of the membership and the services it provides as it has been an integral part of my life since joining and I love it.

Here is a picture of me (on the left with my partner Amy Sando and another QRI member Peter Ransom) at a recent local QRI event at the Townsville Horse races." 

 - Craig Thompson, QRI member since 1991


"Being a member of QRI means feeling part of a big family with Queensland Rail.  Once you participate in the QRI activities the journey begins! Through the QRI Christmas party at Chermside Splash I have made friends with QR staff & their families which is one of the reasons it is great to be part of this culture."

 - Vivek D’Souza, member since 2006


"I have been with QRI Lifestyle since I started at QR over 8 years ago and the benefits have been great. There's just so much variety with what QRI offer! I save on normal everyday things like groceries (using gift cards), to holidays, dinners and special events - the list goes on! I’ve also won some competitions in this time as well. My kids also love the special gifts they get as part of the free Kid's Club too. I can’t recommend QRI enough- the staff are always so friendly and helpful and I definitely get more than my money back on my membership."

- Christina Blanchard, Member since 2011