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The QRI State Dart Committee is calling for nominations for the position of President as the current President was only for an interim year. This position will be for a period of two years. The positions of Vice President, Liaison Officer and Treasurer are also being called for as they are due for election every year. The position of Secretary is also being called again as the current Secretary was not nominated and seconded by current QRI Lifestyle members at last year's AGM. This will be for an interim period of one year. Only members of QRI Lifestyle can nominate or second a nomination of a current QRI Lifestyle member for any of these positions.
Please note *** that a QRI Lifestyle member is a person who pays an annual fee of $100.00 to the Brisbane office or $50.00 if they are a senior ( to play ANZRI carnivals seniors must pay full $100 membership) or pay their fees via their pay office on a fortnightly basis. A spouse is not considered a full member unless they pay an annual fee to QRI Lifestyle as per the sporting handbook. Nominations will close on the 30th October 2017 at midnight. If there are insufficient nominations received they will be called from the floor at the AGM being held on the 13th November at Sarina Dart Hall, Hoey St, Sarina at 9:00am We would like to remind that all teams need to send at least one current member to this meeting. Nominations can be sent to the Acting Secretary Mr D. Clarke via email to dewain.clarke@hotmail.com, or alternatively in writing to 129 Bay Street , Cleveland, Qld, 4163
Kind regards
Dewain Clarke, QRI State Darts Secretary

The 2017 QRI Lifestyle State Darts Championships will be held in Sarina on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November.
For all enquiries, please contact Darts secretary, Dewain Clarke at dewain.clarke@hotmail.com
To nominate, please download a nomination form via the link below and return with payment to Dewain Clarke, Secretary.



When: Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November 2017
Where: Sarina Darts Hall, Sarina QLD - Hoey Street
Cost: $20 per person*
RSVP: Your nomination form and payment must be made by Sunday, 1st October 2017.



  • Sarina Motor Inn - 22 Broad Street - 4943 1431
  • Tandara Motel - 17 Broad Street - 4956 1323
  • Tramway Motel - 110 Broad Street - 4956 2244
  • Sarina Palms Park - 31 Anzac Street - 4956 1892
  • Sarina Beach Motel - 44 Owen Jenkins Drive, Sarina Beach
  • Sandpiper Motel - Owens Jenkins Drive, Sarina Beach



For all enquiries, please contact Darts secretary, Dewain Clarke via the contact button below


Click on the link below to download a nomination form. Complete the form and email to Dewain Clarke

*You must be a member of QRI Lifestyle to participate.